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Learning Reiki Jin-Kei-Do

How can one learn reiki?

One becomes connected to the Reiki energy though an attunemenf progress by which the reiki Master uses method of energy transmission to attune the student to Reiki.

Reiki Jin-kei-Do for the beginning student.

Level one
The student recieves 4 attunements in the lineage of Takamori from the Reiki master Students will learn the story of Reiki, itīs origins and Reiki Jin-kei-do. Information on chakras, nadis, chair treatment, meditation, self treatment and mind check.

Level two
The level two students recieve 2 attunements in the lineage of Takamori and learns symbols used for healing others and for distant healing along with second degree self and table treatments and mind checkII. If one wishes to go on to a deeper level, they can go to Buddha/EnerSence, then master level , where they can teach others.