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Reiki Jin-Kei-Do Training

What training does one need? Right now, there is no state or national certification for Reiki practitioners. The first requirrement is one must practice Reiki 1 and 2 for atleast one year. If the student wants to futher experence the energy on a more spiritual level, one would take the next level, Buddho/EnerSense 1 and 2. A more in depth spiritual teaching consists of the Buddho meditation, chi-nadi movements, awareness of the energy pathways called nadis, self healing with the use of symbols, yantras, mantras, healing with breath, chakra, nadi and marma points with attention on compassion. The next level is for Reiki master/Teacher requiring a letter of intent, an interview with the teacher and the commitment to continue self-healing. When one has practice for many years,one is ready for Buddho/EnerSense 3 and Buddho/EnerSense Master Training