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What are Reiki Jin-Kei-Do Treatments

Reiki treatments are safe, non-invasive, effective and a gentle way in which to assist in the progress of healing at the emotional, physical, mental and spritual levels. The reiki practitioner transfers the energy of compassion by holding their hands on or several inches above the body using tweleve basic hand positions. Treatments are done fully clothed lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. The room is quiet and the treatment is done in a nurturing and meditative environment. Flowers, soft music and lit candles can be added toenhance the harmony of the room. The client or recipient may feel the transfer of energy as heat,, vibration, tingling or relaxation. People may also experience harmony, peacefulness, love or compassion. When one recieves a Reiki treatment,you have the ability to go within and touch the essence of which allows us to access the healing wisdom that is everyone´s biological right. How is Reiki Transferd ? The Reiki practitioner becomes a conduit and serves as the medium for transmission of the Reiki energy. The energy flows downward though the top of the head and down both arms to the palms. The recipient´s body draws in the healing energy, which is then dispersed to areas of the body that needs healing