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What is Reiki Jin-Kei-Do

Reiki is an ancient healing art with itīs roots in Tibetan Buddhism. Reiki is pronouced "ray-key" rei meaning sprit and ki meaning energy. Reiki can be interpreted as spiritual or universal energy. This healing art is a simple technique , using the hands to facilitate healing and spiritual upliftment , using symbols , hand positions , and mental intentionto connect the person to the universal life force energy. The healing was performed by monks and kept secret knowledge for many centuries, It was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a japanese scholar and businessman.

Jin-Kei-Do is based on the buddhist concept that all human life suffers and that one can be transformed by integrating compassion and wisdom into their daily lives. Jin meaning compassion, Kei meaning wisdom and Do meaning path. Jin-Kei-Do can be interpreted as "The way of compassion and wisdom."

Reiki Jin-Kei_Do practices these concepts though self treatments and meditation, enhancing awareness of compassion for both oneself and others.